Nurses and Care Givers

The ability to manage medications is a more important index of the need for admission to a nursing home than even the patient's clinical status.

When taking care of someone, the management of medicines often becomes a point of contention. "Are you sure you took your medicine?" It is important and necessary that medications be taken on schedule, but very difficult to monitor.

The ZoltanCAP« always indicates the time-of-day, and day-of-week that a medicine bottle was last opened.

With the ZoltanCAP« the caregiver can unobstructively and without challenging the patient, observe when the medication was last taken.

If on Monday morning at 10 AM the ZoltanCAP« indicates that it had been removed last on Sunday at 9:32 PM, we know that no medicine could have been taken today. This information, gathered over a short period of days, is sufficient to separate those who are able to manage their medication, from those who require assistance and prompting.

For Yourself, or Someone You Care For

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