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The ZoltanCap®
The ZoltanCap® (Compliance Aid for Pharmaceuticals) is a modified digital watch, made an integral part of a threaded 33mm pharmaceutical closure. Included is a square pharmaceutical bottle with a matching thread.

The ZoltanCap® is a patented medicine bottle and cap which indicates to the patient the time-of-day, AM or PM and the day-of week the medication was last taken.

The ZoltanCap® will operate for years on its battery, which can easily be changed by owner, technician, or jeweler. ZoltanCAP(tm); Prescript TimeCAP(tm) (Wheaton Medical Technologies)

At $19.95, your cost is less than three cents per day!

S&H $3.95 within US.
The ZoltanCap® 205118

Did You Know....

Each year more patient's deaths are caused in the U.S. by noncompliance, than are caused by AIDS and car accidents combined.

The health of patients using the ZoltanCAP® has been shown to significantly improve as they were helped to take their medicines as prescribed.

The ZoltanCAP® fits the most commonly used medication bottle, and a bottle will be shipped with your order. The ZoltanCAP® will operate for years before the battery needs to be replaced.

Please see The Problem of Non-compliance for detailed information about the problems of not taking medications as scheduled.

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